Doggie Walking:

I will take your pup out for 30 minutes, 45 minutes or one hour. Depending on where you live I will walk them around the area, to a nearby park, or drive them somewhere fun and with lots of things to smell and space to run. These places include Ford Funston, Baker Beach, Bernal Heights Dog Park, Golden Gate Park, Douglass Park, Dolores Park and more!

Doggie Play Groups:

In groups of 3, 4 or at most 7, I will pick up each individual doggie and drive them to an off leash safe park with lots of shade and areas to roam and sniff out. Plenty of water, lots of romping around, and plenty of play will bring your pup back happy and tired as can be.

Cat Visits:

I would love to come over and brush, pet and love your kitty. Feeding, cleaning and changing out litter boxes, watering your plants and mail are all included in this visit. Please feel free to let me know of any other help you need. Toys and lots of play time will be part of my visit of course! Your kitty will be well taken care of and loved when I come over to visit. I also take care of birds and other animals!

Animal Visits:

If you would solely like me to come over and visit your pets while you are away I can do that too. This does not include overnights but does include what any visit should: Walk, fresh water, cuddling time, feeding, potty breaks, petting and playing. And for kitties the same: litter, food, petting, brushing and anything else you need, please tell me and I am sure I can accomodate you.


I can stay over night if you would like. I am not much of a cook so you don't have to worry about me using your pans :) Overnights include me staying over as if it were my own home and taking care of the pets in their own environment so that they might feel more comfortable with your absence. If you would your dogs to come on a walk with my regular play group I can also do that at a lowered additional charge. I do have a dog of my own so my pet sitting without him is limited. We do it all!

Doggie DayCare

We will pick up and drop off during the approximate hours of 10:30-11:00 a.m. and 3:00-3:30 p.m. Hours must be flexible. This day includes 2-3 walks and plenty of water and down time if needed. The total doggie day care size is only a max of 4 so sign up fast!

Total: $45/day (*training extra)

Technician Services:

I am able and competent in performing these tasks/procedures for your dog at a lowered cost than your local Veterinarian:

Anal Gland Expression: $20

Nail Trim: $12

Baths: $12

Ear Cleaning: $15

Advantage/Frontline Applications: FREE

Administration of Vaccinations

Fluids and Medication