Solo Doggie Walks: $30/30 min, $35/45 min, $40/hour *
Additional dog between $10-15

Group walks: $25 dollars per dog per day *
Group walks are semi-private with 7 being the largest group

Cat visits: $25 - 30 per 30 min. visit *
Additional Cats add $5

Dog Visits: $25 - 35 per 30 min. visit *

Overnights: $75-$85 per night. This includes morning walk and evening walk. Additional Pet between $10 and $18.

(Overnight drop offs are from 5:30pm and pick ups at 10am)

Puppies are priced separately

In My Home Pet Sitting: $70 for one dog and $20 per dog thereafter (this includes 3-5 dogs walks and of course playing!) *

Medications: $5 additional per day/administration

* Subject to change on per client basis. Depending on location, times and dates needed and sociability and size of animal.