About Me

I have grown up with animals all of my life. It started with my Grandmother who just couldn't say "no" from rescuing an abandoned cat after the neighbors had moved, to seeing a stray on the side of the road- it didn't matter, I learned the concept of love and responsibility for animals at a very young age. Mainly I had rats as a young child. Some say "yuck!" but I am still convinced that my pet rat named Ratty was one of my closest and smartest companions as a young girl :) From there on, we found a stray ally cat whom we promptly named Enoch and the pets in the house never really ended from there on out.

At 11 years old, I started volunteering for ARF with my mom. We helped the Director (Tony La Russa) by fostering some of his first new stray dogs and cats at the Animal Rescue Foundation in Walnut Creek. I helped raise many small litters of puppies from Lab Mixes to Chihuahuas. Each time we would wean them as if we were their own mom, we would find them loving and permanent homes (after making sure they signed a Spay/Neuter form to guarantee they fixed their pups of course).

After high school, I attended University of Colorado at Boulder and immediately missed my home full of fosters, and of course our own personal family pets. I then started volunteering at the Boulder Humane Society and began cleaning cat cages and walking dogs as a volunteer. I earned my degree in Psychology and moved to Denver to work at Maxfund Animal Shelter after college. This was indeed my favorite job I have ever accounted for. Each morning I would look forward to walking into the shelter to get to know these animals better so that I would be able to find them all forever homes. I was trained again at MaxFund to walk dogs and became certified there and then as a dog walker. On the side, I also fostered for Basset Hound rescue. Let me tell you, this is quite a comedic breed! I would get home from work every night and prepare his or her meal but first had to remember to tie their ears up with a hair tie to make sure they could see their food when leaning over to eat! Great dogs, I still laugh when I think about some of the fosters I had during that time.

I moved back to California after a year and a half at the Shelter and decided that I needed to get serious with my life. I was hired at Alto Tiburon Veterinary hospital and soon became trained as a Veterinary Technician by a wonderful and extremely intelligent doctor name Dr. Chrisann Ohler. She taught me so much, often I would come home from a long day and my head would still be spinning from the amazing things I had learned that day. At the same time, I also Volunteered at the SFASPCA as a cat tech and every day I would visit, clean and feed kitties in need of a home. I have had several more years of experience at other Vet Hospitals since ATVH (Alto Tiburon Vet Hospital).

I now in San Francisco with my 4 year old Australian Cattle Dog named Butter. I am sure you will see his cute face in the picture Gallery.

In addition, I am a Registered Nurse. Medicine is my second passion after animals.

Some day I will retire and move to Montana and open up a Sanctuary for animals in need of a loving place to live out their lives.

Until then, I will be a animal lover! Ahh, life is good!

Last but not least, please contact me via email and I can give you hundreds of references to vouch for my experience and compassion for our fuzzy friends.